Una Evaluación Calidad Suplementos Naturales Según Ley Virginia Maryland

Esta revisión describe las regulaciones actuales, los controles de calidad, la seguridad y la eficacia de los suplementos y nutracéuticos veterinarios para mascotas. Conclusiones Aunque cada vez hay más ciencia sobre los suplementos veterinarios para mascotas y los nutracéuticos, sigue habiendo escasez de datos de control de calidad, seguridad y eficacia para la mayoría de las … Read more

A Quality Assessment on Natural Supplements Under Law in Virginia and Maryland

This review describes current regulations, quality controls, safety, and effectiveness of supplements and veterinary nutraceuticals for pets. Conclusions Although there is increasing science about Veterinary Pet Supplements and Nutraceuticals, a dearth of quality control, safety and efficacy data remains for most both substances sold as animal supplements and resulting products for purchase that are available … Read more

Suplemento Natural Reglamento Empleados

En los Estados Unidos, las regulaciones federales prohíben que los fabricantes de suplementos afirmen que más de 50 de ellos previenen o tratan alguna enfermedad. Los suplementos herbales no cumplen con los mismos estándares y regulaciones de prueba, fabricación y etiquetado que los productos farmacéuticos. Es importante saber que los suplementos herbales no tienen que cumplir con … Read more

Natural Supplement Employee Regulations

In the United States, federal regulations prohibit supplement manufacturers from claiming that more than 50 of them prevent or treat any disease. Herbal supplements do not meet the same testing, manufacturing and labelling standards and regulations as pharmaceuticals. It’s important to know that herbal supplements don’t have to meet the same high standards as pharmaceuticals … Read more

Grandparent visitation Rights Maryland

Do grandparents have visiting rights in Maryland? When can I request a visitation ordered by the court with my grandchildren? In Maryland, grandparents have the right to request an appropriate visit from their grandchildren at any time. What do I have to prove in court? The grandparent who asks for a visit has the “burden … Read more

Fairfax DUI Lawyer

In Virginia, drunken driving charges are probably treated more severely than in any other state in the country. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk – driving arrests in Virginia account for more than one – third of all traffic fatalities. For this reason, it’s essential to hire a lawyer … Read more

DUI Lawyers Arlington VA

Ask DUI lawyer, Arlington VA: What makes Dui cases unique in Arlington? When I first worked as a DUI lawyer, Arlington VA, 18 years ago, I thought that the trial there would be the same as in Fairfax, VA (Virginia’s largest county). How wrong I was! Although Arlington is a big city, it is a … Read more

Criminal Lawyer Alexandria VA

When you’re charged with a felony in Virginia, you behave yourself. What repertoire awaits you if you are found guilty? What options do you have before and after trial? Is it possible to avoid trial at all? The good news is that there is no need to answer any of these questions. You can fight … Read more

Child Custody Lawyers Virginia Beach

Guardianship and Custody of Children in Virginia to receive Extraordinary Legal Support from a Virginia Beach Family Attorney. In the case of divorce, custody of the children in a divorce order is often bebe the most heated dispute. As a parent, you are deeply concerned for your children’s wellbeing and future. It is essential that … Read more

Loudoun County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

However, a lawyer can help with speeding over the limit of a ticket. Anyone exceeding the permitted speed limit of 30 miles per hour will face a charge of reckless driving or speeding. This is an offence that could result in up to a year in prison. The maximum penalty for reckless driving is $1,000 … Read more