Chesterfield Speeding Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest speeding violation in Virginia is a violation with a maximum fine of $250. However, if the offence occurs in a work or school zone, the fine for speeding can be higher, resulting in a charge of reckless driving. The most common question is how people behave when they are charged. Call our Speed Infringement Lawyer in Chesterfield or arrange counselling to challenge your ticket for legal aid.

The other consequence of a speeding violation in Virginia are the DMV points associated with the ticket. This can lead to you being suspended by the DMV for probation or having your license revoked. Furthermore, significant points can obviously increase insurance costs, which of course can increase premiums in the long term and even lead to so-called SR-22 insurance or high-risk insurance. Speed violations can also cost you in terms of license and insurance rates, which can affect the value of your vehicle as well as your credit rating and credit history.

Speed tickets in Virginia can also be issued in several ways. Speed checks can result in a fine of up to $1,000 for a first violation.

Speed violations in Chesterfield are a basic traffic violation, while reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and / or six months in prison or both. Ruthless driving can also lead to speeding, although it can be charged due to high speeds. Anyone who is too fast on the road can receive a reward, but will not be charged with speeding for a first offence.

In addition, speeding in Virginia can be paid in advance. By doing so, you are pleading guilty and accepting the points associated with the ticket. It’s important to be wary of aggressive pace bowlers in Chesterfield County.

Speed violations can result in a large fine if they aggravate the case, while reckless speeding can result in disqualification from driving and even imprisonment. It is very important to have an aggressive lawyer who can challenge the evidence and knows how to argue his case if necessary. A driver from the state of Virginia should contact the local authority if he is faced with a speeding violation in Virginia. Aggressive lawyers will negotiate with prosecutors to get the best possible result. You want to be sure that you retain an attorney who understands your particular court system, is familiar with the laws and regulations of the State of Virginia and its jurisdiction, and can give you an understanding of procedures, policies and jurisdictions in kind.