DUI Lawyers Arlington VA

Ask DUI lawyer, Arlington VA: What makes Dui cases unique in Arlington? When I first worked as a DUI lawyer, Arlington VA, 18 years ago, I thought that the trial there would be the same as in Fairfax, VA (Virginia’s largest county). How wrong I was!

Although Arlington is a big city, it is a small city. There are informal rules in Arlington that just don’t apply in Fairfax. Information is the biggest difference between Arlington and Fairfax for DUI cases. In Fairfax, the DUI lawyer, Fairfax VA receives information about their own case (discovery) at a special court date. The prosecutor publishes the case to the government and the lawyers negotiate. If a compromise can resolve the case, the compromise can be brought before a judge. Otherwise, the case will be brought to trial for another day. There is no trial date in Arlington. DUI attorney Arlington VA instead contacts the prosecutor to find out which attorney was assigned to the case (prosecutors are not specifically assigned in Fairfax). An appointment is set to review the prosecutor’s file. This is known as “open file” detection. The Arlington Prosecutor’s Office is so confident – and willing to dismiss cases of serious shortcomings – that it provides DUI attorney Arlington VA with significantly more information than is required by law.

Obviously, the second big difference is that DUI lawyer Fairfax VA has two court appearances, while DUI lawyer Arlington VA has one for each client. (The Arlington discovery meeting takes place informally at the prosecutor’s office.) This does not mean that the person who is charged with DUI has to be ready to go to court the first time they go to court. In Arlington, people who are charged with DUI are given a lawsuit informing them of all crimes they need to defend and notifying them that they need lawyers. However, if a person hires a DUI attorney, Arlington Va., Before the indictment, the attorney can waive the indictment and save the client from the additional appearance of the court.

A third big difference is the variety of judges. There are only three judges on the General District Court for Arlington; there are ten in Fairfax. Each judge decides a case differently. ArlingtonVA, a good DUI lawyer, will endeavor to learn each judge’s tendencies and tailor a case to the “audience.”

In Arlington, prosecutors are specifically responsible for cases and review them before the trial. In Fairfax, prosecutors usually go “cold” anyway, which makes it harder for DUI lawyer Arlington VA.One cannot assume that clever legal arguments in Arlington remain unanswered due to a lack of pre-judicial research and reasoning. This leads to a fifth big difference – doing business.

Most DUI cases are not brought to trial and are resolved through an agreement (called a “plea bargain”). Obviously, some plea bargains can be better deals than others. As a DUI attorney, Arlington VA has to work harder to make a good plea for his Fairfax colleague, as a prosecutor can be more prepared to feel more secure when he takes a case to court.

 A sixth big difference is timing. DUI lawyer Arlington VA is on trial and knows that his case may not be brought to justice until late afternoon. DUI lawyer Fairfax VA can schedule a full trial until 1:00 p.m. most days.

Humorously speaking, parking is a seventh big difference. Getting a seat in Arlington is very difficult and expensive compared to Fairfax. Yes, a good DUI lawyer, Arlington, VA., Will know the “secret” parking lots, but that’s a secret that will stay that way!