Loudoun County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

However, a lawyer can help with speeding over the limit of a ticket. Anyone exceeding the permitted speed limit of 30 miles per hour will face a charge of reckless driving or speeding.

This is an offence that could result in up to a year in prison. The maximum penalty for reckless driving is $1,000 to $2,500 and a prison sentence of at least one year.

If you are charged with reckless driving in connection with speeding, you should seek advice from a Loudoun County attorney. In many states, speeding is a misdemeanor that typically results in a traffic violation. If speeding is a criminal offence, speeding can be the least of your worries. Anyone convicted of reckless driving in Virginia faces a fine of up to $1,000 and at least a year in prison if the ticket is simply delivered by mail.

Most people would not consider initiating criminal proceedings without a defense attorney. Speed – related reckless driving should be an exception to this rule.

Speed should be protected under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act (FVMSA) and the New York State Motor Vehicles Code (NYSMC).

Furthermore, anyone convicted of reckless driving in connection with speeding will have a criminal record, which may have a negative impact on their employment, training and housing opportunities. As I said, ‘reckless driving’ or ‘speeding’, as far as we can tell, is an offence punishable by up to six months in prison, a fine of $1,000 or both. If you have questions about what constitutes a violation of Community law, what penalties you could face and what impact they might have on your ability to move forward, please visit the Virginia DMV website.

Almost everyone has been guilty of speeding at some point in their lives. Your actions do not make you one of those criminal suspects.

You can avoid being treated like someone by consulting with an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights, privileges and freedoms. Your solicitor can offer you free initial counselling, where you can ask him what possible defence options he would recommend. He or she can also investigate the circumstances of your traffic stop and ensure that your rights are not infringed. If you are a citizen of the United States, a U.S. citizen or an American, you have no right to be charged or fined under a routine speeding ticket.

If you think that your only option is to pay the fine and serve the sentence that comes with a conviction, you owe it to yourself to contact a Loudoun County attorney for speeding. We have a team of criminal defense attorneys serving clients in Northern and Southwestern Virginia, and we represent those charged with crimes such as speeding, driving without a license, reckless driving and other traffic violations. Such infringements may constitute grounds for dismissal or a reduction in the charge. We can help you build a strong defense focused on the best possible outcome for your case. If you are fighting a ticket for Loudoun County, or are faced with speeding or reckless driving, call us today to make an appointment.