Petersburg Virginia Narcotics laws

The possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sale is considered as a serious crime in Petersburg Virginia Narcotics law. The term narcotics is defined as a drug or restricted substance which affects the mood and behavior of the individual and sold for nonmedical purposes. It is also referred as a drug that relieves the pain and encourages drowsiness, lethargy, or even insensibility. A person who is found guilty of drug possession can be charged with different penalties. The variation between the penalties depends on the type of drug, the amount of drug and the purpose for which the defendant had possession of the drug. According to the Petersburg Virginia Narcotics law, a person can be charged with a misdemeanor by the conviction of this crime.

The Controlled Substances Act:

A Controlled Substance Act (CSA) of 1970 is enacted in the state to ensure that every person involved in the manufacturing, distribution, imports, and export of any drug should register under the law. CSA classifies the drugs into five schedules. Each of these schedules has a different class of drugs according to the potential for abuse and physical and psychological dependency. Schedule I holds the highest potential for abuse and high physical and psychological dependency. This Act helps to ensure that all registrants are keeping their accurate record of inventories and the transactions. These events are investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to assure that Petersburg Virginia Narcotics law is adequately followed by them. DEA is also responsible for initiating the proceedings to change a drug’s schedule by either adding or erasing any drug from a particular schedule.

Consequences on the accused:

If a person is charged with any criminal activity, he or she has the right to defend him/herself against the allegations. These charges can negatively impact the life of the accused. They can lose some of their basic rights like possessing a firearm, right to vote, etc. To be charged with criminal activity can also affect the future opportunities of the individual. The possible penalties that are charged on the first time offender include 2 to 10 years in prison and a fine ranging from up to $20,000 as stated in the Petersburg Virginia Narcotics law. The penalties that are charged on the accused depend on the type of drug they have possessed and the weight of the product.

Legal Representation:

If a person is charged with the penalty he or she should immediately consult with a specialized defense lawyer. several firms recruit such lawyers giving easy access to the users. They can claim that the drugs were prescribed by the doctor and were possessed due to the necessity of treatment. The lawyers of Virginia are client-centric giving the best comfort level possible to their clients. These lawyers hold the best possible knowledge about the Petersburg Virginia Narcotics law. They help to reduce or even dismiss the penalties that are charged to their client. They explore the plea bargain options for the users. These lawyers have a solid grasp on the drug laws of the state thus increasing the chances of success.