Sexual Battery Law in Chesterfield Virginia

Sexual battery is also known as a sexual assault which is a non-consensual or unwanted sexual contact between two persons. This term typically belongs to the grouping or grabbing but it actually eliminates the intercourse. In Chesterfield Virginia Sexual battery is an act which is committed with an intention to gratify, molest or arouse any individual where the criminal touches the private parts of the person and also force another person to touch them.

If you have committed this crime then it is important that you should consult with a lawyer to building a defense for your case. The Sexual Battery Law is very strict in Virginia.

Sexual Battery Charges:

The charge of this act is very serious in Chesterfield Virginia that can become a cause of the penalty. The person who commits this act may be registered as sex offenders and they have to pay for different penalties of criminals from 1 to 20 years.

It’s defined as a violent criminal offense because it sums from an unwanted touching to a person. In other words, a person is forcibly contacted physically with another person by touching them where their consent is not included. For that purpose, it can be considered as a violent criminal offense and that’s why a professional sexual battery lawyer is contacted in Virginia at the earliest opportunities.

Penalties For Sexual Battery:

If any person who tries to break the Sexual Battery Law in Virginia they have to pay for different penalties. Its penalties are varying from misdemeanor to a felony level. Whether it’s an aggravated case, the charge of a felony within an aggravated case can come with up to twenty years in jail. Aggravated cases are those that include the minors will be the use of power or force which consist of a serious mental or physical injury. To understand more about the charges you could be facing, call and plan an appointment with a battery charge lawyer today.

Aggravating Factors In The Cases Of Sexual Battery:

This factor in the case of a sexual battery includes the use of power and force in the offense commission. The law of sexual battery in Virginia requires the serious mental or physical damage be is incurred by the sufferer. If there is any amount of force is used, or the age of a victim is under 13 or if a victim is a minor then the case is also aggravated. If the aggravating factors will be found, the charge for the sexual battery will go from a simple misdemeanor up to a felony, which bears up to twenty years in the jail.

Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer:

Some people need to concern with a professional attorney to know all the laws of sexual battery charge or to save them from different penalties. Our professional lawyers will help you to guide in a professional way by using their expertise.  You must go to talk with your defense lawyer before giving a statement to the police. In these types of cases, the penalties depend on the pretrial preparation and claims of the victim even if you are an innocent person.