Solicitation of a Minor in Henrico Virginia

Solicitation of a minor means engaging an underage person into a sexual conversation and asking them to come for a meeting to perform a sexual act. Solicitation of a minor is totally illegal and a bad thing someone ever does. A person, who does so, is mentally retarded or sick. Nobody should engage a minor in this activity. But unfortunately, there are some sick people who are engaged in this crime. There are different ways of solicitation, like, online and physically. They contact minor individuals online through internet, as it is the easiest way to communicate a person without getting caught in the eye of others. Since immature individuals are easy to convince, these offenders take advantage of them and use them in a manner of having illegal activities. In every state, there are laws for this crime. And an offender gets severe punishments for his acts.

Solicitation of a Minor, Laws in Henrico Virginia

Every state has different laws of solicitation of a minor. In Henrico Virginia, if a person commits this act with a minor individual, will be charged with this crime. This act will be considered as a crime in Henrico Virginia if the person with whom the offender is engaged is less than 18 years. He will be get punished under Section 16-1-60. If the offender was only engaged online, in such activities, then there are different laws. The offender can claim that in actual, his intention was not to meet that person. The offender may not get punished for the act being committed physically. He may charge with a fine or may get into jail for a small time period. But if the offender actually solicited a minor individual, which includes physical harm to another person while performing sexual activity, then he can end up in jail for a longer period of time.

Penalties for Soliciting a Minor in Henrico Virginia

In Henrico Virginia, the penalties for soliciting a minor depend on the circumstances of the case. The act is considered as a Class 5 felony and has various punishments. These penalties are enough to wash an offender’s mind and to give him a life lesson. He will not even think to commit this crime again in his whole life. If the victim is in between 15 to 18 years old then the offender can be fined with more than $2,500 and can be jailed for 5 years. But in case if the victim is at least 7 years younger than the offender and is less than 15 years old, and offender caused harm to the victim, then the sentence in jail can be longer than 30 years. And the offender will also be charged with a heavy amount as a fine. If you are engaged in such activities, then you should stop doing that because this can spoil your future.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Henrico Virginia

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